Monday, November 17, 2014

You Know You Married the Right Woman When.........

I could write a book on this subject as there are so many reasons…… this is just but another example of “You Know you Married the Right Woman When…..” It started last Friday, Barb was over at Jessica’s painting Dylan’s room and I was to spend the day getting started on a project of finishing the roughed-in bathroom at Forrest’s house. I went to Home Depot, picked up some sheetrock, insulation and a few other supplies. Returning to Forrest’s I remove everything from the truck and get to work. I got as far as I could for the day and decided to go to the bike shop to get those bicycle flat tires I mentioned on my last post fixed and jumped in the truck to head to the bike store. Halfway there I realize I don’t have my wallet…..turn the truck around and head back to Forrest’s. Search the house high and low….cannot find my wallet! Go look in the truck, no luck. Go back in the house…. Nothing. I knew I had it at Home Depot, where the heck is it?????? Now I am panicking, did I leave it at the store? Back out to the truck, take everything out of the truck, jacket, computer, iPad, trash….. no wallet! Ugh! Back in the house tear the couch apart and there it is! Whew.
I jump in the truck, all is well and I am going to get those tires fixed. I get about a mile down the road and I hear something sliding across the roof of the truck followed by Bam, Clank! “What the heck is that?” I look behind me in time to see the computer bouncing off the bed of the truck and head towards the pavement. I stopped as soon as I could but it was too late. I walk back and start picking up the pieces….computer body, battery, CD door. Walk back to the truck and remember that I had put my iPad up there as well. I get out again and look, no iPad. I have a protective case around it so maybe….. just maybe it survived. So I turn around and retrace my path and a few hundred yards back I see my iPad! I pull over run over to the iPad and pick it up. No iPad, just am empty case. I look a little further down the road and there it is in the middle of the road totally smashed! I again pick up the pieces and head back to the truck totally sick to my stomach! Between the two items, there goes a couple of grand. Mentally beating myself up I head to the bike shop and drop off the tires and head over to Jessica’s to wait the hour it will take the bike shop to fix them.  Do I tell Barb right away? Do I wait for the right moment? May as well get it over with…. “Barb, can you come out to the truck, I have something to show you”. We get out there I tell her the story and show her the pieces. She starts laughing and says “Sucks to be you!” That scenario could have gone so many ways but that my friends, is another example of how I know I married the right woman!

That night I get home and inspect the computer. The screen is not broken….maybe, just maybe…. I had to jam the battery back in and after a few whacks it seats itself in place. I open it up and hit the power button… works!!! I give it a good run through and other than not having a CD door and some cosmetic issues it seems to be okay!
One survived the crash
The other did not...

The weather turned for the worse here much like almost everywhere else across the country. Not a lot of snow, but the temps have dropped down into the 20’s during the day and the single digits at night. As a result we have not been doing a lot outdoors. Most of our time has been spent at the kids continuing to paint and finish Forrest’s bathroom. The trailer held up for a few days but we woke up two days ago and everything was froze up. No water! We have been trying to thaw it out for the past two days but no luck. We finally came to a solution that we know will work, we are leaving Wednesday morning for warmer temps! As of right now, it appears as though we are going to head to Zion National Park about 4 hours south where the temps will be in the 60’s. We have been wanting to see this area and planned to when the weather turned colder, we just did not think it would be this early. Our plan is to stay there for 4-5 days and head back to Salt Lake for Thanksgiving. 
Another result of this cold snap was the marina froze up with 3” of ice virtually overnight leaving 8 boats frozen in their slips. Talking to the marina manager, he doubts it will thaw anytime soon and they were going to work on getting the remaining boats out today.

Frozen in tight!

Last but not least, I managed to put together two videos this week from some adventures we had earlier in the year. One is of a trout fishing excursion we had in Hill City last spring. The other is some underwater video of the Monster northern Pike I was feeding much of the summer while in Canada which is really cool!
Hopefully the weather will be a bit warmer when we come back!
If you have an example of how you know you married the right person, feel free to post it in the comment section, we would love to hear it.


  1. Great way to handle the situation, Barb! There was nothing to be done after the "accidents." So why not laugh about it. Getting angry won't help anything. Glad at least one computer worded:)

    Zion should be great now with the crowds down. Enjoy:)

    1. We are really looking forward to Zion, our first hike is going to be Angels Landing!

  2. OUCH!! It may not be purty, but at least she still works! What a bummer! Your wife has a great sense of humor! I guess I can say the same, to share a story (you asked). My husband has been out of town working. I had to tell him our beloved kayak was stolen the other day. Really pissed me off! He was very understanding too. Now I guess we'll have to look for another. We love to fish out of it too, so we're pretty bummed it's gone.

    1. Bummer about the Kayak, but now you get to look for the new and improved model! Thanks for sharing.....

  3. I think you should notify Dell. What a great commercial that would make! Takes a licking and keeps on ticking...or computing. Something like that anyway!