Wednesday, September 15, 2021

I Did it Again!

Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe that lightening can strike twice in the same place? Well, it did this week when I again caught the biggest fish this week!

For all you non-believers, haters, Scrooge’s and if there’s not a picture then it didn’t happen people who did not believe I caught the biggest fish last week, here is your proof! 

That’s right, that is me holding a 40” northern pike. And yes, I caught it all by myself, and no, it is not a fish that Barb caught and just let me hold. Geez, sometimes I think some of you think I just make things up to make myself look better and I would never, never do that! (Insert dramatic pause to see if God strikes me down for writing that sentence).

After Bob and his crew left last week Barb and I had to go pick up the motors and gas tanks off the boats they used on one of the lakes they were at last week so as long as we are out there……we may as well fish it! It was not an easy trip as the winds beat us up a little but we did manage to catch several very nice fish in addition to the 40"er!

The next day our good friends Doug and Connie arrived from Wisconsin. Doug and I met back in the late 80’s and have been good friends ever since. They stayed in our cabin with us which we both appreciated as Doug is a wizard in the kitchen!

They had scheduled 3 days of fishing with us so we planned to make the most of it. Day 1 we went to Northwind where all 4 or us loaded into one boat and hit the water.

Although it was a little tight having all of us in one boat it was nice to spend time together rather than trying to talk between two boats. We took them directly to our “honey hole” where we started catching fish immediately. I’m not lying when I say we had several times where all 4 of us had fish on at the same time. (See, once again I was not struck down). After a couple of hours we had our 16 take home fish and we threw back 4-5x’s more than that.

Connie with one on!

We hit a few other spots on the way back and soon day 1 of their trip was in the books. That night Chad stopped by for a visit and a beer(s). 3 hours later, we were still talking and telling tales. Doug had not been up here for 7-8 years so there was a lot for them to catch up on!

Day 2 was our scheduled Onaman day. As you will recall, this is the walk-in only lake that requires a 1 ¼ mile hike into in order to access the lake. For medical reasons Connie cannot walk that far so Chad contacted the MNR and requested an exemption so we could bring her in on a 4 wheeler. In order to get the exemption you have to get a doctor’s note and submit it to the MNR for approval. You also need to provide the date you are going in as well as a detailed description of the 4 wheeler going in.

All loaded up and ready to roll!

Permit in hand, we were off to the lake! It is about a 1 ½ hour drive from camp. We stopped a few times to make sure the 4 wheeler was not going to jiggle loose and fall out on these rough gravel roads. Once we got there we unloaded the wheeler and Connie and I were headed to the lake!
Trail in

Doug and Barb had to walk.  That is the other rule about taking the 4 wheeler, you can only bring the passenger, no one else AND no fishing equipment. So Barb and Doug had to carry the poles and other gear. We did not know how many trees were going to be down on the trail, which is why I drove the 4 wheeler instead of Barb. Ends up there were just a few that we were able to drive right over.

Once at the lake we saw it was dead calm. How can a lake that big be dead calm, like glass? We have experienced this a few times and the fishing was slow each of those times. 

No waves at all

We went directly to one of our favorite spots, fished it for 30 minutes and did not catch a fish….oh oh. Then we went to the next spot and started catching a few. Doug hauled in a nice 25” walleye.
Doug with his 25" 'eye

Connie with a nice one

The last spot we hit was where we got most of our action on a rocky point in about 12’ of water. At one Barb and I got a double of 23"ers and took this selfie.....
She said "Hey, no fair your fish is closer to the camera and makes it look bigger". Then she shoved her fish in front of mine, then I shoved mine in front of hers, and so on....until we could not get any closer to the camera.....
See, mine is bigger!

My biggest was a 24

All in all, we probably caught 20 each, all between 20”–24”. Not a bad day of fishing at all!

Our last day of fishing with Doug and Connie brought us to the lake Barb and I started our week trying to catch some more northern pike. I was a little afraid to go there as it would give Barb the opportunity to beat the 40”er I caught on a few days earlier. Do I put a nick in her line just in case she hooks into one? Do I give her a lure with defective hooks? So many scenarios went through my mind to make sure I ended the week with the top fish. Not being able to think of a sabotage I could get away with I just decided to go with fate.

The forecast was for rain all day…. 90% and it was not wrong but we loaded up anyways and hit the trail. This lake requires a 4 ½ mile 4 wheeler ride to a spot where Chad has a couple of boats stashed in the woods. Doug and I brought the motors, gas and fishing equipment out on the first trip, then we came back and picked up the girls.

It is a narrow rutted trail but off we went with Connie in front with me and Doug and Barb in back.


Connie and I up front

Once on the lake we started catching some nice pike. Somehow my phone got screwed up so I was not able to open it to take pictures. I think it had something to do with the fact that this phone requires a “swipe” to open and that is virtually impossible in the rain with pruney, water-soaked fingers.

Barb hit the board first with a nice 32”er followed by Connie with a 35”er. Doug and I were each catching fish as well most of which were in that 27”-34” range. 

We were fishing an area that was known to hold some really big fish, in fact Bob’s group caught a 42”er in this spot last week so I knew my record for the week was in serious jeopardy. Barb and I were casting our spoons when…Wham! Fish on! Big fish…When we got our first glimpse of it we knew right away it was going to set a new record for the week. This thing was huge! Not only long but thick and fat. I know at this point you are wondering which one of us have it on. I also know that 98% of you are hoping it is Barb. Why, why all the hate?!?!

The fish made run after run. Every time it would see the boat it would take off again, and again, and again….. We finally got it back to the boat and heaved it in. We stretched it out on the seat, put the tape to it and measured it out at 43”. So who caught this toad?

43 inches!

Yours truly of course. Was there ever any doubt?!?

After catching that, I released it and said “Okay everyone time to go home” thus solidifying my victory for the week! Why test fate any further by fishing another hour?  

On the bear hunting front, although Barb had a couple opportunities, she has put her bow away and we are going to concentrate on fishing and relaxing the rest of our time up here. She said she had fun, got over a lot of her “bear fear” and would definitely do it again.

We also got some very sad news when one of our nieces messaged us saying her brother, our nephew, was found deceased in his house this week. David was 47, had his ups and downs in life but was a very good kid living life to its fullest. We last saw David in 2017 when he stopped and saw us as he was trucking through the Tucson area on his was to California. Rest in Peace David….

Thursday, September 9, 2021

I Caught the Biggest Fish!

Guess who caught the biggest fish so far this week?!?!? Well, it happens so infrequently that I have to brag about it. I did! It was not a walleye, or even a northern pike, it was a lake trout! I have not caught one in years and for that matter do not fish for them as the ones around here are few, far between and hard to target.

Pasha Lake itself only has two game fish in it, northern pike and lake trout. And since this week was filled with rain almost every day we stayed close to camp and only went out when it looked like there was a little break in the rain. On one such break Barb and I went out on Pasha in the hopes of catching a lake trout. To catch just one is considered a successful day. So off we went with a few shiner minnows and our poles rigged with jigs. Since these fish are so few and far between in this lake we try to target them. Meaning you go slowly along the lake shore watching your sonar graph, when you see a fish you stop and try and catch it.

So round and round we go, looking for a fish. This is what they look like on the graph. Well, not exactly like this as this is an image of several walleyes in one of our honey holes. A single lake trout would be a single “arch-type” image whereas this picture has 6 or more fish on it.

We would find a fish, usually in 30-40’ of water, and try and drop a minnow near it and see what happens. We were out for over an hour when it finally happened, fish on! I cannot tell you the last time I caught a lake trout…. Oh wait, I can, it was in 2016 while in the Yukon, but anyway, I had one on now!

We finally get it to the boat as Barb is manning the net, she takes a swipe it and misses! If I did not know any better I would have thought she was trying to knock it off! But she got it on the 2nd try and heaved it into the boat. Then it started pouring again so we hustled back to shore and to our cabin. I had Barb take a picture of me with it, cleaned it and put it in the freezer. Later I looked at the picture, I was soaked, pale, had ½ of my shirt tucked in and ½ out, a dead pan expression on my face white pale face that looked like I should be on a table in a morgue instead of standing up holding a fish. So….. no picture for the blog. I will not torture you with that image but it really happened, trust me!

We had two days we barely left the cabin it rained so much and two days we snuck out between storms to fish and two days bear hunting. We caught another limit of walleye and had another fresh walleye dinner. So far we have had them pan fried, deep fried and grilled.

Nice stringer of 'eyes

Speaking of hunting there has been a blog post floating around in my mind for a couple months now that I did not know if I would ever write or not. For those of you who have read our blog for a while you know we tend to stay away from controversial topics like politics, religion, and more recently vaccines. I want our blog to be fun, informative and a record of our adventures, not controversial.

But the blog post started floating around in my head after I watched a Netflix documentary a few months ago called Stars in the Sky: A Hunting Story by Steve Rinella. (That link is a link to his trailer, this link will take you to the actual documentary on Netflix) I have been a fan of Steve’s shows for years as his philosophy on hunting closely resembles mine where it is almost more of a spiritual experience more than anything. For those of you how don’t hunt, I would strongly encourage you to watch it if for nothing else but to give you a perspective on the hunting culture. For those of you who do hunt, I think you would enjoy it as well. There is not a lot of blood and gore in it so I think it would be safe for hunters and non-hunters alike. Make sure you have some time, like maybe on a rainy day as it is a little over an hour long. I am not trying to change any opinions here, but for me it was very moving.

As long as I am writing about things I don’t usually write about……We don’t usually talk about our health and ailments on the blog either, (unlike other people we know who have to describe in excruciating detail every little thing that goes on with him, usually with pictures that no matter how hard you try you just cannot unsee!) but.... Barb also had a little health scare this week when she had a she started seeing “floaties” and flashes of light in her right eye. We had a friend recently who had a torn retina and we were afraid the same might be happening to Barb. What to do?! We are in Canada hours away from anyplace that takes our insurance. Barb called a couple of retina specialists in Duluth, MN (6 hours away) and they said it could be a retina in the early stages of tearing and she should get it looked at. Do we pack up everything and go down there to get it checked out? She thought about going by herself, getting it checked out, and then getting another covid test so she could come back. But the earliest appointment was not until late Sept. Then she thought; Why not go to Thunder Bay here in Ontario to an ophthalmologist and get it checked out there? We have a high deductible insurance policy so it would be out of pocket no matter where we went. So she called down there and got an appointment for a couple days later. So on the appointed day she was off to Thunder Bay. She did not want me to go because she did not want to leave the dogs alone that long.

When she got there she said they took 6-8 scans of both her eyes with this machine she had to stare into. After a bit a doctor came in and went over the scans with her. She does not have a torn retina. She has a tear of some word she cannot remember or pronounce but it nothing to be worried about. He said the floaties and flashing lights would go away in a few days.

Then it came time for the bill. Ugh! How much is this going to be?!?! My guess was $1,200. Chad’s guess was $1,500. Barb walked up to pay the bill….$75! In the states that would have easily been over a $1,000. Regardless of the cost, Barb is okay and we can continue our Canadian adventures!

So it is back to the bear blind we went! Barb and I have now spent so much time in the bear blind we are starting to go loopy. I don’t know how many books she has read, maybe like a dozen, I have read maybe 2-3. She reads them on her iPad while I read them from an actual book. She is like a speed reader and I cannot help but see her flick the pages out of my peripheral vision. I will be reading a page and she flicks like 8 pages to my one, it is actually very distracting and somewhat annoying. Who reads that fast!?!?

Then there are the times a start taking pictures and whisper “Give me a serious hunter pose”

Then “Give me a I wonder where the bears are pose”

Then, “Give me an “I am looking for a bear pose”

Then she starts cracking up and gets the giggles and I am whispering to be quiet, the more I whisper to be quiet the more she giggles! No wonder we are not seeing any bears!

This week at Pasha my good friend Bob, (Not Farmer Bob but Farmer Bob’s son-in-law’s dad and my high school buddy, Bob) came up with a groups of his customers, a total 6 guys. This is his 7th year coming up with his customers, some of them the same, some of them different and they are here to have a good time! One thing I noticed each night they were here is that the number of times I had to get up and go to the bathroom each night directly correlated to the number of beers I had the night before. 3 beers, 3 times getting up, 4 beers, 4 times. I wonder if I had 12 or even 17 beers in one night if I would have to get up that many times....... I will have to ask Dino! 

They fished everyday regardless of the rain, mostly all day and caught tons of fish. They have two favorite lakes; Onaman, which is the 1 ½ mile walk-in walleye lake and a northern pike lake that will remain nameless which is a 4 mile ATV ride into it. 

A trophy northern pike is anything 40” or better, if you hit that mark you know you really have something special. Not only did they hit that mark once but they hit it 4 times!

Now that I think about it, I did not catch the biggest fish after all! 

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Where's Your Happy Place?

I think everyone has what Barb and I refer to as our Happy Places. Places that bring a glow to our hearts when we are there. For Barb and I we share a few together and have a few to ourselves. For me, it is the forests of northern Wisconsin on my friend Mike’s property and a duck blind on a pothole in North Dakota. For Barb, it would be the Oregon Coast where she spent so much time with her mom, dad and brother growing up. Our shared happy places are our place in South Dakota, anywhere where we are with our kids and here at Pasha Lake Cabins. These are places all of life’s worries shed off your shoulders and you can just relax. Places you would want your ashes spread when you die and just become part of that special place.

But it is more than just the places, it is the people there that also make it special. At Pasha Lake, that is Chad and Michelle. We have been coming up here since they purchased the resort in 2006. Well, we did miss two years, 2016 when we went to Alaska and of course last year. So this year when Barb and I turned onto Highway 17 in Nipigon, we were just giddy with excitement, it had been way too long!

But when we arrived, neither Chad nor Michelle were there. Chad arrived 2 days later. He had not been here in almost a year! Imagine owning a business that you rely on for a living and not even being able to visit it? Michelle will not be coming up at all as she is working and has kids in school. She will be dearly missed.

One of the bonuses (for us) of coming up this year is that Chad did not have a full camp and offered us a cabin during our stay up here. We jumped at it! More room for the dogs. More room for cooking, dishing and just relaxing

View out our window

The other bonus is that he has extra bear tags and asked if Barb wanted one to hunt bear for the very first time!

So, have several goals over the next few weeks, relax, fish and see about getting Barbie a bear. We went out bear hunting the first night, which is deal for Barb. You see, she is terrified of bears and I am talking one of those irrational “bears are going to kill me fears”. Ever since she was a small child she has had reoccurring dreams about bears attacking her, basically ripping her face off. So what better way to face this fear then to go into the woods in a 4x4 soft sided ground blind, known in the bear world as a Barbie Burrito!

So far we have been out 4 times, 5 hours each, sitting in a 4x4 space, not talking…. just reading, playing games on our iPads and just watching the world go by. The first night we were sitting there and the woods were dead quite, not a sound at all. All of a sudden the woods exploded and Barb’s eyes about popped out of her head. She thought for sure a bear was charging through the woods directly at us with a jar of salsa. Then a little red squirrel bounded by as though he was late for a meeting. I told her “Relax honey, bears don’t make any noise in the woods, it is the noise you don’t hear that you have to worry about”. I am sure she felt better after that!

We had no bear sightings that night but it was good to get out in the woods.

The next day it was time to go fishing! We went to one of our favorite fishing lakes. After launching the boat we were off to what we call “secret spot”. I really don’t know how secret it is but we don’t tell anyone about it. 

We were not there 5 minutes when Barb shouts “Fish on!”. And so it begins, with Barb not only catching the first fish but as always, she caught the biggest of the day as well.

We were there probably 2 hours and caught 20+ fish each with 8 nice walleyes for the stringer. Fish dinner tonight!

Since then we/I have been out fishing several more times. A former co-worker of both Chad and mine came up for the week with his fiancĂ©e Diane and son Dylan. Chad and I joined them on the lake for a day of fishing. As we were going out I took a picture of Chad but he stopped me and insisted that I take a picture of “his good side” while he pose stoically motoring down the lake….

Does he even have a good side?

I am not sure but maybe I was supposed to take a picture of the other side?

Once we arrived to our destination Chad and I dropped our lines in the water and it was game on!

After about 30 minutes we had enough fish for shore lunch so we motored over to Rob and Diane who were having just as good of luck as we were. Rob was a busy man taking, not only catching his own fish but taking the ones off the hooks that Diane and Dylan caught as well.

All 5 of us then headed over to a nearby island for shore lunch. Nothing like fresh walleye straight from the lake!

Bear hunting the following night was just a quite sit in the woods with nothing too exciting to see but some squirrels and chipmunks and Barb was becoming a lot more comfortable sitting in the woods. On our most recent hunt we went out a little earlier so we got to spend even more time silently staring at each other! About 45 minutes into that hunt I look to my right and see a bear! He is silently approaching our area so Barb gets her bow ready to shoot.  It is amazing that animal that size can walk soundlessly through the woods. As it slowly approached, we were both judging him to see if he was a bear that Barb wanted or not. Barb was surprisingly calm as he nosed around just a mere 45 feet away.

He nosed around the area for about 15 minutes before walking off to parts unknown. Afterwards Barb said her heart was pounding so hard she thought for sure the bear was going to hear it!

Meanwhile, back in Pringle South Dakota, Kevin, Cheryl, Dan and Bonnie are continuing to have fun without us. I know, it has to be hard for them but they are managing. When Kevin’s mom was here a few weeks ago, Barb and I had just returned to the area as well. We were at the bar on Wednesday night when someone said it was good to have “the six pack” back together. Well, Kevin’s mom ran with that whole “six pack” theme and took it a step further and ordered us t-shirts caricatures of each of us on it and the title of “The Pringle 6 Pack” under them. Well, they wanted a picture of all of us wearing them but we were not there….what to do? Ever resilient, they broke out Jim and Barb on a Stick, dressed us up and took us out for a night at the bar!

They said we had a great time and were getting lots of strange stares from the other bar patrons.

But wait, there’s more! Cheryl was not done with me as when Kevin went to bed later that night, he found that I was already in his spot in bed! 

Sometimes I swear they have more fun when we are gone than when we are there!  

We still have a couple weeks left up here to fish and find a cooperative bear, who knows what adventures await us!

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Crossing the Canadian Border During the Pandemic

As many of you know, Barb and I have been keeping a close eye on the Canadian border for well over a year now. Last year was obviously a bust and it looked like this year was going to be a bust as well. But then Trudeau announced that the border would open on August 9th to fully vaccinated Americans coming into Canada!

Once that was announced Barb and I quickly started changing our plans and make arrangements to get up to our favorite Canadian destination; Pasha Lake Cabins!

But it cannot be as easy as just driving up to the border station on or after August 9th right? Apparently a lot of people thought it was just that easy and created a huge mess at the border crossing with 7-9 hour waits in some cases.

Luckily, I have a wife who does a lot of research (See here for most recent information). First when they say “Fully vaccinated” That means 14 days after your final shot. In addition you have a negative Covid test within 72 hours of your crossing and upload your passport and vaccination card to the Arrive CAN app again within 72 hours of your arrival. Then you have to select the date, time and location of your border crossing. But wait, there is more! You have to have a quarantine plan in the event you do get sick while in Canada and be prepared to take another covid test at the border should you be randomly selected.

More hoops to jump through than pre-covid but not horrible and still very doable. Mostly likely, the new way going forward. So When Bob and DeAnne left last Sunday morning we were busy packing up for our trek to the border! We left bright and early Monday morning headed to Rapid City for our pre-arrival test. We had scheduled a 7:45am and 8:00am tests at the drive up testing center right in Rapid. Well, it ended up being a “walk up” for us, as our truck and trailer did not fit into the parking lot. The car in front of us had 2 small children that were being tested and the last one was screaming like crazy and the nurse could not get the child to sit still to do the test. Finally the mom got out of the driver’s door, opened up the rear door, put her kid in a headlock and the nurse shoved the swab up the kid’s nose. I am pretty sure that kid is traumatized for life but they got it done!

We were next in line and when they came out, I told the nurse that if we can get my wife down on the ground I could put her in a headlock so we can do the test. Luckily, she had a sense of humor….. Oh, the test Canada requires is a PCR Molecular test and the paperwork has to have the patient’s name, D.O.B., doctor’s name as well as the date and time on it. Some people had been showing up with incomplete or wrong tests. They said it would take 12-36 hours to get our results and since we were two days from the border we had to just take off and head that way in the hopes they were negative.

We drove North and East towards Minnesota stopping every few hours to let the dogs out. At one stop, Zoey saw a park and just had to go on some of the rides!

The dogs are incredible little travelers. Dakota will just lay in the back for ours on end. Zoey will lay for 3 hours, get up for 1 then day down for another 3.

That night we stopped in Watertown, SD at the Walmart for the night. Barb spent a couple hours in Walmart loading up on groceries while I sat with the dogs. While she was in shopping we received a call from the clinic saying that our results were negative. Hoop 1 completed! Barb then downloaded an electronic version of the results and luckily they included all the required information. She then went onto the Arrive CAN app and uploaded our passports, vaccine cards and answered a few other questions. Hoop #2 completed!

The next day we hit the road and arrived at Dino and Lisa’s super-secret undisclosed location about 2:00pm. We haven’t been there since October and their palace is amazing!  They even gave us the grand tour.  We were shocked, however, at their selection of the light switch in the bathroom.  Lisa and Barb went for a walk with the dogs while Dino and I hung out in the man cave.  The dogs had a great time swimming at their private beach.  Dino prepared a feast while Lisa prepared a variety of cocktails and we hung out and talked until bedtime and hit the hay. Would you believe I did not even get a picture taken?!?!?

At 7:30 the next morning we said our goodbyes and headed to Baudette, MN where we had a 12:30pm crossing time set up. We arrived at 12:27 and pulled up to the window. 

I rolled down my window, shut off the truck and handed the agent our passports. She asked all the same questions we have been asked for years; How much booze?, Do you have any weapons?, Are you leaving any gifts? We answered all of them like we always do; “We have two 750ml bottles of booze, we have no firearms but do have two bows with us, and we are not leaving any gifts” Then she asked us if we owned any handguns? “Yes”. Have you ever had a handgun in that truck? “Yes” Where was it? “Center Console”. Then she went on to ask us about our health and any symptoms we may be feeling. Then she said “You two have been randomly selected for a more thorough search AND another covid test, please pull over to the side and two officers will be out” Lucky us!

We pulled over and two officers came out, had us take the dogs out of the truck, had us stand to the side and started asking us questions. “Am I going to find a handgun in the truck?”, “No”, “Where is your handgun?”, “At home”, “Where are home?”. We answered all their questions and then they spent 30 minutes going through the truck, trailer and camper. Once they were done they said we passed and handed us two “At home” Covid tests that needed to be administered via a tele-nurse. So we pulled over to the other side of the parking lot and called the number on the home kit. “Have you registered with Switch Health?”, “No, we just crossed the border, were handed these boxes and were told to call this number”. “You need to go on line, create an account and follow the instructions on the website”. 

Luckily we were still close enough to the border that we still had good cell service so Barb went on line and created my account. She also had to open the kit and input the serial number of the vial in the kit. Then she selected “Start Test” and it put us in the queue to connect with a Tele-Nurse. The first screen she received was that they were experiencing a higher than normal volume and to call back after 6pm. She pushed “Continue” and it said there were 40 people in front of me. While I was waiting, Barb was setting up her account on her phone. About 5 minutes later a face appeared on my screen. He had all my info on his computer. I told him we were randomly selected for a test and he said. “There is nothing random about it, the border agent picks and chooses who gets a test” I guess I did not charm that agent! 

He walked both Barb and I through our tests. He had to witness us doing the swabs and sealing them in a Purolator bag. That took about an hour start to finish. He told us to drop the bags off at the nearest Purolator pick up site. The border agent said there was one nearby so Barb walked back to the crossing station to see where to drop them off. “Drive up around the corner and you will see a red garage on the left, there is a Rubbermaid container there, put the bags in the container”. So off we went. Sure enough, up around the corner there was a red garage on the left but no Rubbermaid container. Barb got out and was going into the garage to ask them where to put them. I watched her from the truck. Before she got to the door I see her put our tests into a garbage can! She then turns around and walks back and gets in the truck. I look at her like she is crazy and she says there was a sign on the garbage can saying “Put border covid tests in here”. Apparently the garbage can IS the Purolator pick up container! 

All that done we were on the road headed towards Pasha Lake, only 8 more hours to go! We drove another 3 hours and were done for the day. We had been in the truck a total of 10 hours and were done. We stopped at a boat landing along Highway 11 for the night and crashed.

We woke up the next morning and drove one hour in to Thunder Bay, fueled up and carried on to Nipigon where we fueled up again. It was only an hour between fuel stations but this would be our last fuel stop for the foreseeable future and we wanted as much in the tank as possible.  An hour after that we pulled off of Highway 17 and onto a ride road. 3 miles later we saw the sign we have been longing to see for over 18 months!

We will be here for 3 ½ weeks of fishing, hunting, and who knows what other adventures await!