Sunday, February 23, 2014

12 Days and Counting!

12 days until we are on the road and Barb has only 10 days left at work! Although she has been waiting for this day for years, it has not sunk in. She feels like she is just going on vacation and has to go back in a few weeks.

Lets hope she can wait until April! 

Continuing to get ready, we spent the weekend packing everything we would not need it in the next two weeks. Most of our clothing is in totes, we emptied all the cupboards in the kitchen and have more loads to go to Goodwill. We know we still have too much but we will continue to whittle away while on the road. We have about 10 totes that we will drop off in Salt Lake with our children on the way to AM Solar for our March 17th appointment. Then it is back to Salt Lake the end of March as our daughter is due the first week or April.

The weather certainly is not cooperating here in Wisconsin ....we were teased with high 30's last Wednesday and Thursday only to receive 10" of snow Thursday night and an extended forecast showing highs in the teens and lows below zero. Hopefully the next 12 days will go quickly, we have vet checks, grooming, carpet cleaning and oil changes here at home while Barb is wrapping things up at work.

Let's just hope for no more snow so we can get our rig out on the 9th!


  1. Be strong Jim! You will soon forget the hard work once you are on the road. Life out here is fun and grandbabies have a way of making everything feel great.
    Wandering Whelan Wagon

  2. Yeah! Let us know how things go in SD. I will be flying out beginning of April to get my Drivers Lic. We have already set up our domicile.

  3. Will do! When we are done there we are heading to the Oregon coast and then south where we will be a couple hours north of you in Redding CA!

  4. If you end up around Sacramento, send me a message, maybe we could all meet up for a drink or dinner? We live 45 mins east of Sac in Placerville up Hwy 50 but could meet you "down the hill".