Friday, March 7, 2014

Goodbye Wisconsin!

The day we thought would never arrive is finally here! Years of dreaming, planning, downsizing and luck have led us to this day. It is hard to believe really but we are leaving in two days and heading out. Today is Barb's last day of work! She is retiring after almost 24 years with the county. Although she is excited to start this new chapter, the week has been a stressful and emotional one for her. She really loved her job and the people she worked with. Saying goodbye to some dear friends over the past couple of weeks is really sinking in as we realize these are our last few days here.

I took another load over to the trailer yesterday and was actually able to put the slides out and organize a little bit as it got up into the 20's! Tomorrow will be final packing, cleaning and taking everything over to the trailer. We are going to organize, hook up and get it out onto the driveway so Sunday morning we can hit the road bright and early!

First stop.......South Dakota to establish residency, getting our drivers licenses and registering our vehicles. Then it is off to Salt Lake for a quick 2 day visit with our kids and drop off some totes for storage before we head to the Oregon coast.

Our plan is to be back in Salt Lake the first week of April when our daughter Jessica is due with her second child. The picture in my previous post is Jessica 5 weeks from her due date. We had a hard time believing that she has 5 weeks left. Well she called recently telling us that she just had a doctor appointment and things might happen quicker than expected! Does not look like she is going to make her April 3rd due date and commitments on the coast will keep us there until the last week of March. With luck we will make it back in time for the birth but it looks like we are cutting it close!

Don't worry Wisconsin, we will be back, but not until May when all the snow and ice is a distant memory.......


  1. Just read your blog entries. It all sounds very exciting! Isn't it funny how things just seem to fall in place once the decision is made?

    This month marks our two year anniversary as fulltimers. We've been so many places and made so many great friends. Wish the same for you guys!

  2. Congrats Jim and Barb! It's a crazy time with emotions and trying to get everything done but it is all worth it in the end.

    Safe travels and Have fun!


  3. Yay Uncle Jim and Barb!! Dave and I are so excited for you guys. Can't wait to read about your journey! Take pictures :) have fun love you!

  4. Ha! you will be luck if the snow and ice are gone upon your return in May! Safe travels!