Sunday, January 24, 2016

Quartzsite.....The Big Show has gone to the Dogs!

The big show was this week! We watched throughout the week as the big white tent went up, the retail RV lots filled up as did every nook and cranny that would fit the rigs of the people who stayed in town. Out here in La Posa South it did get much more crowded but not horrible. Here is what it looks like now.....

North (we are in the middle)

 We were warned not to go to the big tent on the first day but we are here for “the Quartzsite experience” so we just had to go. Well, the people who warned us were not wrong. It was crowded, like little lemmings we went up and down every aisle looking at what each of the vendors had to offer. RV wares, resorts, clubs and workcamper recruiters were there in abundance. What we did not expect were the number of vendors selling cookware, pain relief and other non-RV related items were there in even a bigger force. Lot’s of……”if you buy today, I will throw in…..” It did not look like there was a shortage of people who were interested in almost everything they were peddling as it was elbow to elbow the entire time we were there. People stopping in the middle of the aisles to chat with their friends and, the dogs! Dogs everywhere, dogs in leashes, dogs in pouches, dogs in strollers......dogs everywhere! We at least had the good sense to leave Daisy at home, it seems everyone else.....did not.  Between the people and the dogs it was  gridlock!

Wall to wall people

and dogs......Pretty dogs.....

Side by side dogs.......

Double decker dogs.......
and dogs in hats........


We walked through 4 times during the week and talked to a few workcamper recruiters. There were a couple that looked interesting, some only wanted you to commit to a couple weeks while others wanted a several month commitment. We were interested in a couple as it would be a great way to explore an area, make a few bucks and have your site paid for while you are in the area. We ended up buying a couple of items….some LED lights and a small kitchen grinder that grinders anything you put in it! And we were in luck, it just so happened the day we bought it he not only threw in an extra grinder disc but an entire extra grinder!!!!! (I think we heard the same pitch the day before as well). As luck would have it our friends Steve and Joan drove down from Lake Mead and split the purchase with us!
Need a stove top grill?

How about a mop?

A job at Amazon or a beet farm?
How about a rig with the toilet open to the bedroom!?!
I think the non-RV related booths outnumbered the RV related booths 2:1. Personally I think they could do a much better job marketing to today's RV'er.

Speaking of Steve and Joan, we had a happy hour/fish fry in our little community that night that they were able to attend and meet a lot of fellow “Dreamers”. Red cooked up some Texas crappies while Trace went crazy with the onion rings!
Red, Pam and Tracey cooking up the fish and rings!
The Gang! (photo compliments of Alan)
The next day we followed Steve and Joan down to El Centro, California for a produce farm tour at the University of California Davis Research Center. We also met Ginny and Don who drove down from Lake Mead as well. We had heard about this tour from Pam (Oh, the Places They Go!) who had attended it last year. The cost was $20/person for the tour, lunch and all the produce you could fit into a gunny sack. Well worth the price of admission with a lot of interesting information on the research program. I learned things ……. I really don’t like Swiss chard and don’t mind daikon radishes. We also got beets, broccoli, roman lettuce, iceberg lettuce, turnips and cilantro.
It's a little chilly but I think we will make it!
Ginny volunteered for a demonstration

Barb, Joan, Steve, Ginny and Don

Picking broccoli
Barb with her bounty!
On the way back we stopped by Imperial Sand Dunes, it looked like a 4 wheeler/dune buggy haven!

We made a couple other purchases over the past week; the first was an inversion table. Barb’s back has been really bothering her over the last few months. She visited a surgeon recently who recommended (short of surgery) that she hang suspended in a pool 30 minutes a day for a month and see if that helps decompress her spine. Easier said than done with this lifestyle. While walking Daisy here in the desert she noticed several trailers with inversion tables outside them. She stopped and talked to several of the owners who said it really helps decompress their vertebrae’s so we thought we would give it a try. The second purchase was a new GPS for our truck. Several of our friends purchased the Garmin RV 760lmt, it is designed specifically for the RV’er as you can enter specific details related to your rig (length, weight…..) and will route you accordingly. Luckily we had sold over $800 of items on eBay over the past few weeks so we just this money for these purchases over the past few weeks.

We also managed to get out on 4 wheeler rides several times over the past week testing our new Gamin Montana GPS while geocaching. Over the past week we found over 100 caches and really enjoy searching for them out in the desert and surrounding mountains.
The group at a remote desert resort

Daisy hot on the trail of a geocache

Found one!

And another!
I know there is one in there somewhere!

The sunsets in the desert continue to be spectacular! Thanks for stopping by……


  1. I hope Barb's inversion table helps her. I'm not sure how the surgeon expected her to hold her breath underwater that long. ;). Also, for what it is worth: if you or anyone has ever used a chiropractor, but can't figure out how to do it on the road, check out the new franchise called The Joint. ( No X-rays or new patient stuff, no appointment, no insurance, just a low price and a good adjustment. They sell packages...the more visits purchased, the lower the cost. You can use the visits at any office, so it works great for us fulltimers. Im not affiliated...just thought it was a great concept and am just putting it out there.

    Tampa RV show had tons to dogs also. We love dogs, but I don't quite understand bring them into those crowds.

    1. She has been to a chiropractor but not since we have been on the road. We will have to check out The Joint. Little dogs in packs are not that bad but the strollers and big dogs are too much! We ended up getting the 760 on eBay as it was quite a bit cheaper.

  2. Replies
    1. Some of them were interesting and not for us. Thanks for watching Daisy!

  3. Still looks like a lot of fun. We are getting closer. We are just north of San Antonio.

    1. We are saving the keeping and a few hikes for when you guys get here. Hurry up!

  4. I was sure that with all the end of of the show deals you would have bought Daisy a stroller! At the very least a back pack carrier.

    We're still homeless. Part had to be ordered for the motorhome. Hopefully we can pick it up today. I'm trying to stay out of the casinos but pai gow keeps calling my name! Meeting Rudee and Phil for lunch. Have fun and enjoy the peace after Quartzite.

    1. Oh no! We figured you guys picked up your rig and everything was good to go. Hopefully you get it back soon and everything is fixed.

  5. Looking at the photos of all the people makes my skin crawl. One day, maybe, I suppose we ought to give it a try...maybe:) The dogs are so cute.

    Glad you enjoyed the Farm visit. It is a great day for $20. Nothing better than fresh picked produce:)

    1. Thanks for the tip on the produce tour, we already have several other groups that want to go.

  6. Q can always be counted on for an entertaining time. I use a traction bag for my neck (herniated a couple of discs years ago) which is the same concept as the table. No surgery for this gal. Exercise and strengthening is key but also easier said than done. Hope that table helps and the GPS keeps you out of trouble.

    1. Barb has noticed some difference since starting to use it at 3 minutes twice a day. I have been using it too, although I don't have back issues it does help with my minor neck pain.