Friday, January 1, 2016

Week 1 in Quartzsite

Our La Posa South community continues to grow as more and more rigs pull in everyday. With the holidays over and a mere two weeks until the big show starts this week will undoubtably be filled with many more rigs arriving. One of the recent arrivals included Red and Pam whom we had met last year on our way through this area. We had been following each other’s travels all year and it great to see them again. They are parked about 50 yards east of us. They arrived on the 30th which just happened to be my birthday! We had a happy hour at our place with them as well as Steve, Dianne, Ray and Deb. With the exception of Daisy breaking one of Pam’s two remaining wine glasses, we had a great evening.
It's a birthday bash!
I was also able to get the drone up this week and get some footage of the rig and surrounding area. I want to take some now and during the peak of the show in a couple of weeks so see how many more rigs show up.
Our little desert oasis
Looking north, that is our rig in the bottom left. Steve and Dianne's rig in in the middle

West.....another rig pulling in

And finally east.
 Barb and I took a drove an hour southwest to check out Cibola National Wildlife Refuge. A couple we had met in Lake Mead had worked down there a couple of years ago it is sounded like a cool area to check out. Waterfowl everywhere! Pintails, mallards, widgeon as well as snow geese, canadian geese, cranes and deer. It is a beautiful area and if you are in the area I would definitely recommend stopping by.
Snows, Canadians and Pintails

Sandhill Cranes

Mule deer having a snack

Coyote looking for a snack
It had been 10 days since we dumped the waste tanks or filled the fresh water tank. We were getting full on the first and empty on the second. We were going to have to pack things up, put the slides in, hook the rig up to the truck and take it to the dump station and then the fresh water station. However, the next morning Red stopped by and said he was going to the hardware store to pick up a couple of 55 gallon drums for dumping and fresh water. So off to the hardware store we went returning with everything we needed for about $165 which we split the cost of.

One of the barrels had a valve installed on it that we could connect the sewer hose to and we installed a water valve on the other barrel we were going to use for fresh water. Red already had a macerator pump which pumps the contents of the waste tanks from the rig into the sewer barrel, I had an extra water pump that we will use to pump the fresh water from the other barrel into the rig and we both had extra hoses. Having these items saved us about $430. A couple of wiring connections and hose adaptions and we were ready to test it out!

I will save you from pictures of the actual pumping of the waste but here are some pictures of the components and me filling the fresh water.
This is the waste water tank with the sewer connection
Red holding Steve at bay with the macerator pump

The fresh water tank with the water pump mounted on a board

One day we were invited on a 4 wheeler ride with a group of Steve and Dianne’s friends. Bob and Sue are avid 4 wheelers and geocachers and know this area like the back of their hands. They took us on an awesome 5 hour 60 mile ride through both desert country as well as the mountains. We saw a lot of cool things but I think the coolest on this trip had to be the remains of a barracks area where General Patton had his troops train during WWII.
Barb and Dianne looking for a geocache at an old water tank

One of Sue's dogs chill'in in the back of her RZR

124th Division barracks location

Steve coming up the hill at Preacher's Pass

What's Daisy been up to? Other than long walks in the desert, she has been watching a lot of TV and sleeping. Some people think she is the most spoiled dog they have seen but I asked her and she totally disagrees and wanted to know who called her a dog!

Daisy and I watching Breaking Bad
How do you think she sleeps?

Next week we have more friends showing up and will get into town to check out more of the vendor and local attractions!


  1. Whatever you do don't mix up those barrels!!!!

  2. That tank idea is pretty cool! You guys could make back that investment with a few extra trips for the outlying neighbors, if you wanted to.

    1. No thanks, I have a hard enough time doing our own!

  3. Replies
    1. If I want to see some real wildlife, I just need to look northeast out of our trailer!

  4. Love the drone photos of your area. Can't wait to see it in a couple weeks!

    Smart idea with those drums, especially the water. I agree with what Steve and Joan said!!

    Nice photos from Cibola:)

    1. Thanks, more rigs have already moved in next to us. Starting to get crowded!

  5. I'm surprised you guys didn't circle the wagons because you'll be invaded real soon LOL. Looks like a fun group of MacGyver's. If the weather here in TX doesn't improve soon, hubby will be duck hunting with a camera at Cibola NWR next year. Have a great New Year!

    1. We are all parked somewhat near each other but with some space for privacy. Cibola is pretty cool, you would enjoy taking pictures there and I have never seen so many pintails in one location!

  6. I just recently discovered your blog. Great article on the whole Quartzsite experience. My wife and I are heading out for full-time living at the end of this month, and plan to head to the southwest next winter. One question on your setup: Where will you keep the water barrels when you're hooked up to your 5th wheel? I love the price you paid. I've found a company that makes 90 gallon tanks that will fit in front of the hitch on my 2015 Ram 3500, but they're very expensive. Thanks!

    1. Thanks David, check out some of our posts from early 2014 to see some of our trial and errors when we first hit the road! I don't know what we are going to do with the barrels when we leave here. I don't want to drag them around all year and will see if Red wants them. We are thinking of putting our Jeep and 4 wheeler in storage somewhere. I might put them on that trailer.

  7. It's funny, the first thing we did was collect rocks when we where there last year. Do you get enough power from your solar alone, or do you need to run your generator somtimes?

    1. Up until today we have been fine with just the solar getting the batteries fully charged. I have run the generator twice just to exercise it. Now today is cloudy and rainy so I am thinking we will need to run it again.

  8. Loved the coyote pictures and sandhill cranes Cibola National Wildlife Refuge!! Definitely going to check that out. So happy we are here now and thanks for the warm welcome!!

    Lee and Trace