Saturday, February 15, 2014

Getting Loaded in Wisconsin

What else is there to do in the middle of the winter in Wisconsin? Barb and I spent the day today getting loaded! No, not that kind of loaded, we spent the morning loading our rig! The countdown is down to 19 days and it cannot come fast enough! This has been the longest and coldest winter I can remember.  The month of January and the first two weeks of February bought us a total of 40 days where the low temperatures were below 0 (a few days the highs were below 0) with many in the teens below and a few in the upper 20’s below!

We are continuing to get things packed and organized. In our spare time we read the blogs and adventures from other RV'ers who are enjoying the warm weather down south wishing we were there. Although from some of the tales, parts of the south are getting their fair share of cold weather as well.The only things we have left to bring over to the rig are the items we use every day and items that we do not want to freeze. We have our rig at the house of some friends of ours here in west central Wisconsin. When I brought some totes over there last week it was completely plowed in with 4 foot banks in front of it. I was not sure if we were going to get out before the snow melted. But when we showed up today, my new best friend Greg had taken the bobcat and moved all the snow from in front of the rig keeping it road ready for us.
Thank you Greg for moving the snow!
Barb getting loaded

If we can just get through the next few weeks without a major snow storm all we have to do is hook up, negotiate a few turns in the yard and be on the road to warmer weather!


  1. Oh, how envious I am! March and you'll be out! We used to live in upstate NY so we know how the winters are! So where will you be off to first? We also look forward to fishing in some new waters! I sure wish they had something like a federal or regional fishing license! Our fishing fees are going to go up quite a bit! We hope to make it to the lake region around Ely, Apostle State Park and Macinaw (sp?) Island before heading to NY to visit friends. If you have any must sees or favorite fishing spots you're willing to share, please let me know!

    1. After SD we are heading to Salt Lake City to see our kids and do some stream fishing, then over to the Oregon coast and Northern California.

      When you are in this area Lake of the Woods has some great fishing or you could take a charter on Lake Superior. If you are up for a real adventure come up to Pasha Lake Cabins in Ontario. That is where we will be all summer and will put you onto some fantastic fishing!